Physics 104A
Mathematical methods of physics

Next offered: Fall 2012
A past syllabus

A required class for junior physics majors, Physics 104A focuses on mathematical techniques that are widely used in other upper-level physics coursework. A common textbook is Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences. The course reviews and extends lower-level topics, such as infinite series and linear algebra. It introduces series expansions in orthogonal functions, primarily Fourier and Legendre series, and uses the expansions for series solutions of partial differential equations. 

Physics 104C
Intermediate mathematical methods

Next offered: Spring 2014
A past syllabus

An upper-level elective for juniors and seniors, Physics 104C continues Physics 104A. Physics 104B is not a prerequisite. The course covers discrete Fourier series, complex analysis through contour integration, conditional probability, and possibly topics such as tensors, group theory, and curvilinear coordinates. Some of this material, particularly the complex analysis, is highly recommended for students continuing to graduate school in physics.

Physics 104C is taught in even years in spring term. (I.e., after 2014 it will next be offered in 2016.)